Who is Shibani Debnath ?


Shibani Debnath

Shibani Debnath is a social activist running an NGO named Tripura Women Welfare Society. After finishing her studies, she started an NGO named Tripura Women Welfare. She try to make women self-reliant and independent by giving them rights by giving them information related to employment opportunities. She belive It is very important for women to be independent.

"Even today, she has to ask for money from her husband for small work. And one has to beat only one hundred and two hundred rupees. Women have to fight for their freedom and rights on their own. Generally women do not have the right to take major decisions at home. For this women themselves have to come forward. We can fulfill our dreams only with our hard work and determination, no one is standing for us with a ladder".
- Shibani Debnath (Director, Co-Founder)